As much as I love traveling the world, my love for Israel is the biggest! Those who know the country from end to end, knows that there is everything here, all kinds of various views, a green tropical landscape, including beautiful waterfalls, and amazing natural springs on the north, wonderful beaches, a bustling urban original scene, and my personal favorite, a hypnotic desert landscape, of on Mitzpe Ramon area, the Dead Sea and the road to Eilat.

So, with that said, we decided one day, a good friend and I, to wake up with the sun, and take a day-long road trip from Tel Aviv to Timna Park, through the Ramon Crater.

We started the day at an insane!! observation point called “Har- Gamal”‘, The entrance is through the city of Mitzpeh Ramon, you can find it easily using waze. The view from above is simply breathtaking, and you can not get enough of it! Ramon Crater By the way, for those who don`t know, is the largest crater in the world! This place is a must for anyone who goes on a trip to the “Holy Land” ;). Took a few(well more then a few…) photos there, and moved on towards Timna park.

Israel is a small country, so you can see a lot on a single day of road trip, if you’re motivated enough (especially when your friend is driving at 150 km / h). The road from that observation point to Timna Park takes only two hours, and the views along the way are so worth it! Also, the Israeli radio stations were very cooperative 😉

On the middle of the way we suddenly noticed an amazingly beautiful oasis , so of course we had to stop and take a few picture there 🙂

Afterward we continued directly to Timna Park. I have to say that as an Israeli I thought I knew Timna Park. I was there two or three times on school trip days, but boy was I wrong! This place was sooo much more than I remembered!

The beauty of this place is beyond what can be imagined or transmitted by images, it is simply a wonder that nature, without human intervention, created these special sights, pink sands  mountains in various forms, Colored stones and what not…

The entrance to the park costs 49 NIS per adult (about 15$). After payment, you get a map of the different areas of the park (we did not manage to get to all of them :(), a small transparent bottle to fill with colorful sand as souvenir, and a free voucher for a traditional tea in the park cafeteria.

This place takes a whole day of its own! We were wrong to think that we would be able to combine it with other things at the same day, so unfortunately we managed to visit only 3 of the park’s Landmarks (out of 9).

“The mushroom”- natural rock formation in red sandstone, which over the years has been shaped by winds and rains into an impressive mushroom shape.

“The Arches”- impressive arches created as a result of sandstone blasting.

“Neve Timna”- The only spot in the park, where man intervened to create an oasis (artificial but stunning) in the middle of this breathtaking scenery. At this point we also chose to do our very photogenic picnic 🙂

After the picnic we finished our trip, and we went on our long drive back home, exhausted but very pleased and smiling. I warmly recommend to anyone who goes on a trip to Israel to visit both of those places (On separate days though), and certainly to those who live here.

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