I’ve been waiting to see Petra with my own 2 eyes for soooo long!! It is inevitable to admire the splendid beauty of this ancient city, you use to only see in hundreds and hundreds of photos! So I was pretty much a little girl visiting her first candy shop when I’ve got there 😉

two things about Petra I didn’t know (from watching photos) and was pretty shocked to find out-

1. It’s expensive!! I was naive to think the site is open to the public at no cost, or maybe some symbolic fee. But couldn’t be more wrong while payment for entrance was/is 50 JD PP (which is about 70.5$ PP), and the site is open till 18:00PM only. So if you’re considering a visit, you should definitely take it in count.

2. It’s huge! Again, I was naive enough to think it’s all comes down to “the treasury of Petra” and that a couple of hours should cover it, including lunch and photos 😉 Ha!! Reality is, it’s a 45 Km city, you can maybe cover in a month! It is really the less known thing about it, since people use to see only one tiny famous part of it in photos, and touristic sites.

But!!! If you’re planning a day trip and care to see as much as possible, those are your “Must see” points-

The Treasury- the most famous, and impressive structure (in the opinion of majority) in all of Petra. It is about 40 meters high and 25 meters wide, and the architecture is mind blowing 🙌 it’s about 15 min walk from the entrance to the site, and you need at least 30 min more to just stand and stare it. You should know there’s an incredible observation point of the treasury in a 20 minutes climbing up the mountains, you can only do it with a local guide (don’t worry they’ll find you) which cost us, after bargaining, 5JD for both, and worth every penny!

The Theater- 10-15 minuets after the treasury, you’ll get to the theatre, the assumption is that the theater served the Nabateans for cult of the dead ritual. It’s a gigantic structure, rock hewn, which was estimated to contain 8000 people, and standing there feels like your the lead in a gladiator movie 🤗

The Monastery- well, that’s the challenge!! It’s kinda like climbing the Everest to get there 🤔 about 20 minuets walking distance from the theater, you get to the bottom of 1200 (that feels like 1 freaking million) stairs sequence you need to climb to get to the monastery, you do have the option of taking a donkey ride to the top (Petra is full with locals who’ll offer you donkey ride every 2 minuets on average) but I felt so sorry for this poor guys, seeing them struggling their way up those stairs, with all this weight, and couldn’t bring my self to do it! So I climbed… for about an hour and a half (completely lost track of time), but boy was it worth it 😍 the view on the top is one of those unforgettable sights you get to see once in a lifetime! And no picture can really show it! The Monastery is 44 meters high and 47 meters wide, and it’s the biggest preserved structure in all of Petra. and even though it takes half of your day in Petra to get it (and return from it 🤦‍♀️) I wouldn’t missed it for the world!!

You can see so many more epic spots along the way, and you can pretty much stop at every single corner to admire the beauty, cause every thing in Petra is extraordinary! But those are the 3 you wanna definitely include on your list, believe me 😉

I think that’s about it for now, and of course you can always ask away, and I’ll be happy to assist 🙏🏻

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