I have been married to the love of my life for almost 4 years now, I`m 31 years old, and only this year (on 24th of August 🙂 ), my beautiful baby girl was born. Thinking about motherhood always gave me the chill, and not the good kind :0  I live a certain lifestyle that involves lots of trips, exploring new destinations, long hours at the office, parties at weekends… you know, trying to make the day count 😉 so thinking about combining being a mother with all of this just seemed impossible, and friXXXing scary! and so we waited for me to be ready, and waited, and waited a little longer, till iv`e finally felt like this is the right time for me (and don`t let anyone tell you what is that time for you)

So lets get to the bottom of it, how do we make it work without giving up on the things we love to do, and more specifically – how the hell is it possible to keep traveling with a new born?!

well, i`m no expert, but I can defiantly share my own tips, and all the things that are helping me to keep on going, and make room, and time, to everything, well almost everything 😉


Travel around your home base! before Rani was born, I used to travel abroad almost for all of my trips and vacations , I was silly to think all the interesting places should be far, far away from where I am. well let me tell you, I could not be more wrong! when Rani was only 2 weeks old, we began traveling around different locations in Israel, from the dessert to the city, to the tropical north, and boy the places we`ve discovered! we found countless incredible luxury properties,sites, wineries, and views that I still can`t get over of… thing is, it began as a compromise on my side, cause I couden`t just get on a plane and go to wherever I feel like, but it ended up being the best thing that could of happen to me, and to my blog, as it exposed me to a whole new audience and some new, exciting collaborations.


Help help help! take all the help you can get! even though I`m addicted to Rani, and wants her with me ALL OF THE TIME! its important to force yourself to let go sometimes and understand that there are some trips, you really want to go on, that you just can`t take her with you 🙁 so it is extremely important to surround yourself with a supportive environment of family and friends (that are also addicted to Rani 😉 ) and use them from time to time, so you can attend trips, events, and projects that are important to you, but are children restricted, and on top off all, the most important thing is to match expectation with your life partner, BEFORE the baby is even in question, and to make sure the other side understand you are NOT going to give up your passion, and that you are going to need his help to be able to manage it all (and that it will probably be a bit different than how other couples do it- so no judgement) .


Combine your baby in your photos- don`t hesitate to include your baby in your photo set up, it might feel a bit weird at the beginning, but in my opinion it would make the photo a lot more special and would give it a new, original vibe! people love seeing travelers that are managing to keep creating quality content even when they are traveling with kids, it gives them a good feeling that life doesn`t stop when you bring a baby in to it, and you can still be yourself and do your thing, which is absolutely true! it`s all about the attitude! besides, it will open up your page to a whole new audience that you haven’t approached to beforehand, and that now are going to be inspired by your work, cause now, you are not only a travel blogger, you are also a cool mom/dad 😉


Be flexible, and accept last min changes with love and understanding… this one was the hardest part for me! being the worst kind perfectionist, who is obsessed about things would only go by her way, it was incredibly hard to realize that from now on there is a new little boss, that her needs comes first, and can sometimes completely screw up your plans :/ it dosn`t matter anymore how important it is to shoot during sunset, or stop along the way for some special view point, or even if you scheduled some really important photo shoot collab that you have been waiting for since FOREVER, if Rani is suddenly not felling so well, or even just hungry or crying for attention, this becomes THE most important thing in a heart beat! and everything else would have to wate … I won`t lie, it can be frustrating sometimes, but at the end you realize that everything happens for the best, and at the moment she smiles at you, everything else just seems irrelevant…and I swear its not cliche!! the moment you will do this change in your mind, and prepare yourself for this changes, it would be much easier! and you will be amazed to see how more efficient you are with your time all of a sudden 🙂

Iv`e got so many massages from you guys telling me you are afraid that once the baby comes, the first thing you will have to give up on is traveling and blogging, cause you will probably be too busy, too tired, too financially tight etc… well, those were exactly my thoughts before I had my Rani, and they were dam scary ones, but I am so happy to share my experience and my insights as they are all truly, sincerely positive and encouraging 🙂

Don`t get me wrong, its not like nothing changes, sooo many things does! but if you really love what you are doing, you will find the way to make it work, and believe me, you will be so much more happier while doing it, cause the things you get from being a parent are so much more then the thing you are giving up on, but this part i will let you find out for yourself… 😉


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