My worldwide adventures presets (photo filters) package was built over the last two years, while taking inspiration from all of my trips around the globe.

It includes 6 different, yet consistent, presets, that are suitable for variety of landscapes.

Each and every one of the presets within this pack was created with endless though and effort.

Also, each one of them has been tested on dozens of your photos, to make sure you will get the best possible results for your photos, while using them.

You can find a SUPER EASY installation guide link at the end of this page:)


create a warm, vibrant, look to your photos to add extra magic. this preset is perfect for gloomy gray photos that you want to add a sun effect to, for the fairy-tail effect.


create more authentic look for your photos, this presets do the job in neutralizing the yellow tacky shade from the photo and gives it more soft depth shades, also perfect for portrait photos.


create the sharp, dark, dramatic urban look, this preset would add the dramatic effect to your photos.


create your own sunset magic photos, this preset is you dream come true, it would help you take the most flat looking photo and make it into a vibrant magical one.


create you perfect tropical paradise photos, this preset would make the blue shades of your tropical photos shine and glittery.


create your epic jungle scenery, this preset would upgrade all of your greenery landscape photos to a complete wild jungle vibes.

In the following link you will find a video file installation guide, I attached it in product page in order for you to understand how easy it is to use, before purchasing the presets pack.

Presets Installation guide

*Note- the presets will create an incredible foundation for generating a cohesive and aesthetic look your images. However, since each photo is influenced by different shooting conditions {lighting, saturation, photography equipment etc…}, you may need to adjust the presets a little bit by using the app basic tools.

Hope you`ll enjoy the presets,



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